A comprehensive product line
Orvitek's wide range of standard products includes micro-controller based systems, analog, digital and power circuits, and software, especially for data acquisition systems and real-time controls.

Our products are designed to operate in vehicles and heavy equipment everywhere harsh mobile conditions exist - at extreme temperatures (-40║ to +185║ F, -40║ to +85║ C) without internal heaters or cooling fans, and to survive the extreme humidity, vibration and shock conditions typically found in heavy vehicles.

We offer modules with output current ratings of up to 1.5 Amps. Power switching and distribution products with ratings in excess of 300 Amps. Our controls are typically designed to operate in 10Vdc to 28Vdc systems, as well as 120Vac and 240Vac. Special designs are available to exceed these specifications. 





Monitors and Electronic Dashboards
Multipurpose Automatic Control System
High-Current Solid State Master Switch
Simplifier« Electrohydraulic Controllers
HydroplexTM Multiplexed On-Board Networks

Custom Designs