Unusual applications may require a special design, so we offer Tailored Design Services to meet your needs at a significant cost savings over custom design work.

With Tailored Design Services, we see which of our standard products can be most easily adapted to meet your special needs. Then we modify the original design to provide the optimum solution at a minimal cost.

Orvitek's wide range of existing products, constant addition of innovative designs, and continuous improvements make our Tailored Design Services the preferred solution for many special applications.

Tailoring a solution
An underground locomotive manufacturer needed to combine control of electric motors and the hydraulic system with an electronic dashboard. A dedicated control system was one possible answer. But Orvitek created a tailored design solution at a fraction of the cost.

Using a computer that was already in an existing dashboard design, Orvitek produced a single, compact instrument that combined all the normal dashboard functions with precise control of both the electric motors and the hydraulic system.

Only two months after the order was placed, the customer had the solution in hand.

For unique applications,
Orvitek offers custom design services to find a solution that is on target, on budget, and on time.

For any need...
A task force of designers, electronic engineers, and support staff analyzes your specific needs and time constraints to design and/or manufacture a product that meets your standards and specifications. The team members are specifically selected not only for their expertise and experience, but also for their personal qualities that allow them to function as a part of your team to ensure the highest of professional efficiency.

Meeting needs by design
A major manufacturer of mining equipment needed to solve the problem of using an onboard instrument to reliably measure payloads on its trucks.

Orvitek specialists quickly realized that the key to solving the problem was in the approach. Given the complexities, an analytical solution was out of the question. So the team attacked the problem from an entirely different angle and achieved a creative breakthrough.

The accuracy obtained with Orvitek's solution was three times greater than the specifications required.

Service second to none
At Orvitek, we've created a standard of superior service you won't find elsewhere.

Tailored designs are often completed in weeks, new designs in a matter of a few months. And manufacturing lead times meet your needs - not our convenience.

Put us to the test
When it comes to electronic engineering needs for harsh mobile applications, Orvitek is the answer.

For more information on how we can solve your application needs, see our contact information.